Château des Rontets

Excerpts from abbot Glaneur's Fuissé parish register (1858):

“ Rontets estate. This estate, created by Mr. Claude Nonain who died while abbot in Fuissé in 1819, was confiscated in 1793 (during the French revolution) for the benefit of the nation but was not sold. In 1844 at my arrival in Fuissé it belonged to Mr. Terrier former head teacher in Mâcon as a result of his marriage with one of Mr. Nonain's grandnieces. [...] Mr Nonain, I've been told, in a period of famine cleared Rontets' land: to do so he employed the poor people of his parish and provided them the bread they were missing. At the end of 1848 Mr. Terrier sold this estate for 8,000 francs to Mr. Liaut, wine mercant in Lyon who replaced Mr. Nonain's small houses with the present beautiful house and its annexes. A few years later Mr. Liaut sold this estate which after two different owners belongs today to Mr. Varambon, lawyer in Lyon.”

Ever since, the Rontets Estate has remained in the same family and in 1995 Claire Gazeau, François Varambon's great-granddaughter, moved to Fuissé to take care of it with her husband Fabio Montrasi.

Today the Château des Rontets estate includes a Clos of 5,6 hectares in the lieu-dit Les Rontets and a plot of half a hectare in the former lieu-dit Pierrefolle, both within the district of Fuissé. The estate also includes half a hectare in the lieu-dit Côte de Besset, within the district of Saint-Amour. Château des Rontets produces three cuvées of Pouilly-Fuissé and one of Saint-Amour. All its wines are certified organic.